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Published on January 2020

Types of meads and their therapeutic properties

Mead is one of the healthiest and most noble alcohols; the tradition of its production is very long. It is popular among connoisseurs and older generations; unfortunately, it is practically unknown to young people. You can easily make it at home. What are the kinds of meads? What therapeutic propert... 31.01.2020.
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Recipes for ham cooker dishes

Cut up about 2/3 of the meat into 2x2 cm cubes, mince or chop the remaining part. Prepare the marinade from 1 dl of water, salt, the spice mixture; mix it with the cut-up meat. Mix the meat mass thoroughly for at least 10 minutes in a food processor with hooks for kneading or knead the meat manually... 28.01.2020.
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Should you use yeast to make wine or not?

Some people (mainly those living in southern countries) in fact do not add yeast to make wine, because they use special varieties of grapes. There is natural yeast on the skin of such grapes, which is able to effect the fermentation process. However, in Europe it is mostly necessary to add wine-maki... 26.01.2020.
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My wine is not fermenting – Why?

Problems with stopped fermentation. Causes and solutions: A wrong manner of adding yeast – yeast has to be multiplied before being added to the mixture; adding yeast directly to the mixture is a very common mistake. You can see here how to multiply yeast. For dry (powdered) yeast, it is a common mis... 26.01.2020.
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Smoking meat and fish – How to go about it?

What exactly is smoking? Smoking is nothing else than just a process in which meat and fish are exposed to the action of wood smoke. It can be produced by burning pieces of wood, wood chips or sawdust. Wood of leafy trees (beech, oak or alder) or fruit (especially stone fruit) trees are mainly used ... 21.01.2020.
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Important rules of brine-curing

Once you have chosen the meat, you will need an appropriate vessel for dry or wet curing. One can argue whether it is better to use a wooden barrel, a plastic container approved for contact with food or a large stoneware vessel. However, one thing is indisputable: the hygienic condition of the vesse... 21.01.2020.
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Methods of brine-curing of meat

There is no smoking without brine-curing Even the best smoke alone will not bring the desired effect. Wherever salt could not be extracted from sea water or excavated, it was called “white gold”. This is confirmed by known mediaeval trade routes. In autumn, columns of horses carrying sacks of sal... 17.01.2020.
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