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How to make 1kg Feta Cheese at home

Cheese ingredients: 10 - 10.5 L whole cow or sheep milk (not UHT), 1g Feta cheesemaking culture, 1g dry microbiological rennet or 10-11 drops of liquid rennet, 2-3g calcium chloride, 1.5 spoonful of salt.... 18.03.2019.
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Everything you always wanted to know about cured meat

Curing is the natural process harnessed by humans to preserve meat. How to make a prosciutto for instance? You take a hunk of meat, salt profusely and hang it to dry for a long period. Of course it’s only a brief summary of whole process, but in fact it’s really simple. So, let’s go to the kitchen!... 07.03.2019.
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