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How to make the best mash? Ingredients and equipment

In late 1920 government of the United States banned alcohol for thirteen years. However, during prohibition people drunk much more, than ever before. Average American tope almost 2 liters of booze per week! How was possible? Wiseguys created a whole alternative process of making and supplying alcoho... 28.01.2019.
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Aged alcohol in 24 hours? Power of aromatization

Nothing brightens up a rainy day like a Scotch tasting. Famous American writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and for many an icon of masculinity, Ernest Heminghway said “Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey”. If beverage is very well, even the old man is capable t... 28.01.2019.
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Starter-cultures. Introducing to making milk products

Ritual of eating cheese is part of a culture process. And cheese is made from… culture, but in a different meaning. Here you find a couple pieces of information about bacteria and the first steps of making milk products. Did you ever hear the catchy name “L.casei” in yoghurt' commercial? Supposed... 28.01.2019.
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Homemade cheese. Basic kits and ingredients

Who don’t like cheese? It’s delicious and nourishing base of sandwich. Important ingredient of many cakes or just tasty snack. American authority of culinary art, Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher wrote in her book, that cheese has always been a food that both sophisticated and simple humans love. So, ... 25.01.2019.
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