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How to make gouda cheese? Tips and tricks

French has brie and camembert. British people love cheddar, Italians eat a lot of mozzarellas. But one country is famous for the product with a very protected recipe. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go for a trip to the Netherlands, visit Gouda and let's eat… Gouda cheese.... 22.02.2019.
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Rennet. Definition, types and application

Everybody knows where cheese comes from: smelly from France, Swiss cheese with holes or soft table cheese made in Italy. But which ingredient is most important in manufacturing? There are many different kinds of cheeses and there are many ways to make it. One of them is to produce with the support o... 14.02.2019.
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How to make whisky step by step?

Have you ever thought about being a gentleman? You know all this noble, wise people, who speak a lot about their very important business with cigar in one hand and glass of whiskey in the other? Of course, it’s just unfair, stereotypical image. Gentleman doesn’t have to be the richest man in the nei... 01.02.2019.
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Rank of the world’s most popular cheeses

Cheese! - said photographer during the family meeting. And everyone in one moment thought about this delicious snack. Cheese is one the widely used food in the world - from France, across Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain to the USA. Each mentioned country has own culture of producing cheeses. W... 31.01.2019.
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Oak chips. Overview and basic tips.

Drinking alcohol is quite similar to love. First sip is like kiss, very magical and uniqual experience. As long as relationship is growing, everything start to be more intimate. Whole long-build happiness can be destroy, when routine appear. You may be not expert or you can't recall most famous... 29.01.2019.
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