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Wooden Barrel 20L – Oak Barrel 20L

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We make barrels from the European oak and we seal them with calamus leaves which give a specific taste and aroma to the alcoholic drinks kept inside.  

•    Original European oak.
•    Natural calamus leaves sealing. 
•    Brass cock.
•    Stainless steel rim.
•    Non-painted barrel.
•    Fired inside moderately. 
•    100 % Made in Europe (EU) 
•    Your barrel will be produced after you place your order. 
•    The set includes: an oak barrel, a wooden stopper, a base.

Your barrel cannot stand empty, it must be prepared and an alcoholic drink must be poured inside  within 3 days of its reception.

Instructions for preparing the barrel before the first use:

  1. Pour hot water with the temperature of 70°C inside the barrel. 
  2. Do not block the stopper but just cover the barrel with a towel. 
  3. After 48 hours, empty the barrel. 
  4. After this, your barrel is ready for use.
  5. If your barrel is not sealed, repeat the procedure of hot water pouring 2 or 3 times.
  6. After finishing the use, if you leave your barrel empty it may dry-up; therefore, before another use, pour hot water inside one more time. 
  7. Moreover, we recommend greasing the barrel often on the outside part e.g. with plant oil which will remove water or drink patches. 
  8. Keep the barrel in 6-12°C! 

After this “operation”, your barrel is ready for use. The stopper should be inserted freely into the filler inlet. We hope that you will be satisfied a lot with our barrels when tasting your home-made “Starka”, liqueurs, wines and brandies. Our barrels may complement perfectly your cocktail cabinets, cellars, as well as restaurants and hotels.  

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Reviews (2)

Buon prodotto 20/01/2022

Veramente un buon prodotto, forse le finiture potrebbero essere un po' più curate, come ad esempio i cerchi di metallo fissati al legno, però ho visto quelli di botticelle presenti in alcune enoteche, (anche più costose), ed erano più o meno della stessa fattura.

Einfach nur Klasse 20/01/2022

Absolut top. Macht echt was her. Gut verarbeitet! Riecht angenehm nach Holz. Leichtes befüllen mit den Tüten. Einfaches und simples System. Wir lagern darin unseren selbstgemachten Met. Wiederholungskauf, da wir sehr zufrieden damit sind

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