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Wine Corks and Bungs

In the process of winemaking, you need to make sure you are going to use the best quality ingredients: fruit, herbs or plants. But also you have to be aware of the fact that only fine winemaking equipment can guarantee excellent taste of your homemade alcoholic beverage. Therefore, we are happy that you have decided to visit this section of our online shop. You can find there high quality wine bungs and wine corks. The items are perfect utensils for both experienced and amateur winemakers. They prove to be useful especially at the fermentation or bottling stages. All of them are get-at-able at various sizes so that they fit different types of demijohns, bottles, and barrels and have been made of various materials (rubber, cork, silicone, etc.). Since we know that it is important for our customers to be able to choose from a wide variety of products, we have placed different kinds of wine bugs and corks in this section. You can find here: Rubber bungs - thanks to their tapered shape, they fit every type of opening and at the same time provide secure seal, Silicone bungs – they are perfect for the majority of big sized barrels, Tapered corks – made of high quality cork, they fit every type of barrels;Bored bungs (drilled or not) for bottles, carboys, demijohns, etc.Homemade wine equipment is at your reach!

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