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  • Wine Yeast + Nutrients + Pectolase + Fermentation Stopper

Wine Yeast + Nutrients + Pectolase + Fermentation Stopper

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  • Active Wine Yeast for All purpose wine: All purpose red, All purpose white, Bordeaux White, Bordeaux Red, Burgundy Red, Tokay, Sherry, Malaga, Champagne, Cider dry.
  • Saccharomyces Bayanus G995. Specially for the fermentation of high alcohol wines. Ferments consistently, even at lower temperatures, with low residual sugar. Very good results with Pinot Gris and Chardonnay wines. Ideal for secondary fermentation and for sparkling wines or for restarting a stopped fermentation. Wide temperature range: 10-30 °C. Alcohol tolerance: 18 % vol. Contains the 'killer' factor to inhibit wild yeasts.
  • Sachets of yeast is 10g and is sufficient for 25 – 50L (10 gallons)


  • Special mixture of yeast nutrients, vitamins (i.e. B1), minerals and micronutrients, in ideal proportions. Perfect for a smooth fermentation of all wines (and beers), especially country wines, wines made of concentrated juices and certainly necessary for all problematic fermentations. 
  • Yeast nutrient helps to feed the yeast in your ferment making the fermentation process quicker and also more likely to ferment to it is entirety with reduced chances of stuck ferments due to weak yeast activity.
  • Suitable for 25 L.


  • To ensure maximum yield of juice and flavour from fruits and alike, and to prevent possible pectin hazes.
  • Pectolase is used to break down pectin in wine must allowing pulp fermentation fruit wines to clear. Pectin occurs naturally in fruit and although useful for making jams and jellies, will cause wines to form a haze. Pectolase also increases the yield of juice by breaking down the cell walls in fruit pulp, resulting in an increased flavour to your wine.


  • Potassium Sorbate 5g + Potassium Meta 5g
  • Specially combined product for stabilising wines after fermentation. Contains potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate and ascorbic acid in ideal proportions. Not only does it prevent bottle fermentation but it also provides protection against oxidation and mould.
  • Suitable 2g/10L

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