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Silicone Bored Bung 38/31mm

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  • High Quality Silicone Bored Bung
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Top dia: 38mm
  • Bottom dia: 31mm
  • Hight: 35mm
  • Number of holes: 1
  • Hole dia: 7mm
  • Temperature resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Electrical resistant

Data-Sheet for Mixture of Silicone

Base of rubber:  Silicone rubber

Color: transparent (natural)

Density: g/cm3 1,13 ± 0,02

Hardness: Shore A 50 ± 5

Tensile strength: MPa 11

Elongation at break: % 550

Determination of tear strength: % 25

Rebound elasticity: % 46

Temperature range: – 50 °C bis + 180°C  (short-term: + 220 °C)

All moldings from above-mentioned Silicone rubber can be heated for 4 hours at 200 °C in a convection oven.

The above mentioned values are correct to the best of our knowledge and are typical standard values. They can’t be used as a requirement for specifications.

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