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  • Oak Chips - Aroneo Balance (Equilibre) - 100g

Oak Chips - Aroneo Balance (Equilibre) - 100g

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Oak chips are beneficial for introducing premium oak characters to wines at a low cost while offering positive effects on wine color, aromas, flavor, mouth feel as well as creating depth and body.
  • The Arôneo range is composed of 4 very different and original recipes: Sweet (Douceur), Balance (Equilibre), Fresh (Fraicheur), Intense.
  • Balance (Equilibre) - Balance silky tannins, body caramel, hints of gingerbread and licorice
  • Intense - volume, mouth-feel, roundness heady aromas of gingerbread, almond, licorice and cocoa
  • Sweet (Douceur) - sweetness, mouth-feel, roundness overtones of vanilla, warm bread, caramel
  • Fresh (Fraicheur) - Fresh length, acidity, vivacity delicate caramel, spice and vanilla hints
✅ These chips guarantee a remarkable contribution to your wines, whether during fermentation or ageing.   
✅ Dosage:  between 0.5 and 3 grammes/litre. It should be varied according to the type of fruit variety and wine, as well as the desired impact. Generally, white wines, rose wines and delicate red wines use lesser quantities, while full-bodied reds benefit from more. At very small doses, the impact will be mainly on the structure of the wine.  
✅ Contact and harmonization time : 3 to 4 weeks are normally sufficient to allow an optimal extraction for these medium sized chips. For a silky integration, we recommend you allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks following withdrawal of the chips. Then you can taste!  

Oak Chips in Your Beer

Oak wood flavoring is associated with darker, older beers or beers replicating historic brewing techniques. Oak is most strongly associated with English and some Scotch ales such as Old Ales, Stouts, Porters, Browns, IPAs and some Bitters. Some brewers have used oak in Belgian styles such as the darker Belgian Ales, Farmhouse Ale, or Saison.

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