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  • Oak Chips - American - Light Toast 1kg

Oak Chips - American - Light Toast 1kg

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Oak tannins will help stabilise the color and fix the fruit aromas of red wine.
  • Besides the liberation of wood aromas such as vanilla, coffee, toffee, toast, oak gives tannins which combine with the anthocyane of the red wine, so, that its color is deeper and more stable. Moreover, these tannins protect the wine against oxidation. Another effect is that chips increase mouth-feel. 
  • Dosage: As a rule of thumb, we would suggest a dosage rate between 0.5 - 3 g of wood pieces per 1 litre of wine. In fact, it is up to the winemaker to decide. It all depends on the intensity of the oak character they are willing to give to the wine.
  • Some winemakers prefer preparing a concentrate, on a small amount
  • Untoasted chips or light toasts are recommended during Alcoholic Fermentation

  • Improves the structure of red wines 
  • Improves the structural mouthfeel
  • Improves the sweetness
  • Stabilized and more intense colour 
  • Few gain of aromatics compounds
  • Few gain of tannins
  • Fresher wines

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