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Meat and Fish

To smoke meat means to prepare it in a way to preserve protein-rich foods to prevent them from spoiling to easily. This method of food processing allows for keeping the meat for longer periods. The mechanism standing behind this process originates from dehydration, polyphenols and some other chemical substances which can be found in absorbed smoke. In other words, this is the smoke that gives smoking meat and fish this unique flavor and delicacy.

In Alcofermbrew we value the benefits from smoking meat as one of the oldest and the most natural ways of preserving meat. That is why we want to provide the best equipment for making your own, homemade sausages and other types of smoked meat. For this reason, in this section we have gathered various products the fans of natural food processing are going to need: meat netting, pork casing, smoking hooks and thermometers. There are also food smokers and the smokers dedicated particularly for meat. Since you will probably try to make your own sausage, there are also cooking strings and ham cookers available. We know that sometimes the flavor of your meat may not be intense enough, that is why we have decided to include some equipment for meat injections (injecting marinade inside meat really helps!).

All these high quality products are orderable all round the world, to countries inside and outside the European Union. Enter the world of food making and enjoy your own smoked meat! All You need for Smoking Meats: Meat netting, pork casing, ham cooker, smoking hooks, thermometers, injectors, cooking string, meat smokers, food smoker

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