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Mead and cidermaking

Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the history of human kind – it was made in ancient China, Greece or Rome. Having extended knowledge on the art of mead and cider making, here, at AlcoFarmBrew, we are able to provide the best ingredients and equipment for home cider and mead making in the world. Our collection, therefore, includes: cider yeast, mead yeast, nutrient, pectolase, cider kits, alcohol meters, hydrometers, bored bungs, caps, capper, cider presses, crushers, pipes or airlocks.

They are chosen by both amateur and professional manufacturers who value excellent quality and full availability of tools, additives and raw materials needed for the production.For those of our customers who wish to start their journey into the world of self-prepared alcoholic beverages like cider, there is a wide variety of cider kits available.

They allow for the production of a number of kinds of the drink: apple, pear, elderflower or strawberry cider together with fine quality yeast dedicated for the making of the beverage.

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