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Gluco Amylase Enzyme 4g BROWIN

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Gluco Amylase Enzyme ( saccharifying enzyme ) is added to your mash to convert dextrins into fermentable sugars and is most often used when producing whisky, coniac or vodka.
Glucoamylase is often used in fermenting all-grain recipes for craft spirits. 

How to use: 
Add to mash in temperature 55-60
Add the glucoamylase using 1.1 g per 1 kg of ground malt to decompose into simple sugars.
Maintain temperature of the mixture for 1.5 hour. Cool the solution to 30°C.
Add the sachet of distilling yeast.

Net weight: 4g per 3,5kg grain


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Reviews (1)

Steven 22/06/2021

A great product for breaking down the last remaining starch and dextrin in a wort or mash into fermentable sugars for a really specific gravity, maximizing alcohol content. I usually add a package to each 30l Fastferment fermentation tank.

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