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Fermenter 30L with Lid + Plastic Tap

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  • Brand: Biowin
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  • Product Code: Fermentation Tank + Plastic Tap
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The containers feature a printed capacity scale, as well as valuable hints for preparing homemade wine, beer, and distillation batches. Note! Product in English language version - we also offer containers with information in other languages.

  • Resilient and flexible - this fermentation container is made of white plastic intended for contact with food. It does not get deformed, it is resistant do discolouration, and it is suitable for fermenting beer, wine, and other liquor.
  • Versatile design - the wide lid of the container features and opening for an airlock. One can also modify the container on their own in a way that enables installing an angular tube and conducting fermentation in multiple containers at the same time by stacking them.
  • Easy liquor decanting - the discharge tap included enables complete decanting of beer or wine. The location of the tap does not interfere with placing the container on flat surfaces.
  • Two plugs included in the set - each complete container set includes two plugs: one with an opening and second one with a cap, in order to be able to use an angular airlock instead of a traditional one or to close the container tightly if necessary.
  • Convenient gauge - a printed container capacity gauge enables monitoring the batch quantity. Meanwhile, the valuable tips for preparing homemade wine, beer, and distillation batches will facilitate preparation of homemade delicacies.

It is a cost-effective complete set that will allow you to prepare your favourite homemade liquor. The container is made of white plastic approved for contact with food, characterised by high strength and elasticity. The containers have a certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH), approving them for contact with food products.

The containers are resistant to discolourations occurring as a result contact with tannins from the fruit. The white colour of the container is not accidental - in any other colour the material could become discoloured under the influence of the alcohol produced, which could result in passage of toxic dyeing substances into wine.

The lid with an opening and 2 sealing plugs included in the kit enable sealing the container or installing an airlock. Meanwhile, drilling an extra opening allows installing an angular tube and conducting fermentation in multiple stacked containers at the same time.


How to use:

In order to facilitate opening the container, it is necessary to open the lid slightly, slide e.g. a teaspoon handle into the resulting gap, and then pull that object around the rim of the container.

It is not recommended to clean the containers using rough washcloths, as this may cause scratches on the surface that might become a source of contamination.

When installing the tap on the container it is necessary to place the gasket on the outer side of the container. This ensures full tightness.


NOTE: These containers can be tightened further by smearing the container rim with petroleum jelly or edible oil. Before preparing the batch, the fermentation container should be disinfected thoroughly using potassium metabisulphite or Oxi Turbo.


Maximum batch temperature allowed: 85°C. The temperature of the containers prior to filling should be at least 5°C.

Maximum alcohol concentration in the batch: 70%.


The set includes:

- a 30 L fermentation container with a gauge and writing in English language

- a lid with an opening,

- 2 plugs (one for the airlock and one with a cap),

- discharge tap.


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Reviews (14)

Max 19/05/2022

Bought as a gift to my husband. The lid is difficult to put on for me, but my husband doesn't have any issues. Spigot works great and is suprisingly easy to clean. Wish the spicket had a cap of some sort to put on it because my dog keeps trying to lick it. The spigot hangs low, so we have to keep the bucket on the edge of the counter, which is an inconvenience, but it never leaked and makes bottling a breeze. We have done three brews in here, each a couple months long before reracking them onto one gallon carboys (with different adding to give variety of flavor). This has really increased our output. The bucket lid has started to bow a little from wear, but that's common with plastic items. Overall we are very satisfied and it was well worth the money. Would buy again if I had more 1 gallon carboys. Holds 5 gallons of liquid with plenty of head room for our brews.

Milo 19/05/2022

I bought this bucket because a "friend" ran off with my last primary and I needed to make a batch of plum wine. I am definitely please with this purchase.

The included spigot is pretty nice, and I like that it can be rotated to point up or down, so that I can leave it up while I ferment and down when I use the bucket for bottling. I also like that it's a twist on/off instead of the "accidentally lift up the lever and spill wine everywhere" style lever.

This will replace my current bottling/degassing bucket, which is too big, as well as being my primary fermenter, so it's a space saver as well. The hole for the airlock is a tight fit, but I like it better than my old one which required a rubber bung to hold the airlock.

The measurement lines on it are great, and seem to be accurate, and as a bonus it has some other useful information (an ABV chart and some other charts that I forget right now) printed on the sides.

Veronica 18/05/2022

Al momento sono ancora il fermentazione di uve, ma sta facendo bene il suo lavoro di ermeticità, capisco che se in risultato può non arrivare non sarà dipeso dal prodotto. Ottima qualità-prezzo

Carolina 18/05/2022

un fermentatore comodo, leggero e pratico da pulire, proprio quello che cercavo! La spedizione è stata impeccabile, in 24 ore mi é stato recapitato, peccato un po’ cara, ma per la qualità del kit possiamo chiudere un occhio! Consigliatissimo!

Philipp 18/05/2022

Begeistert bin ich von dem tollen Kundenservice ..bei mir fehlten das gärröhrchen und der ablaufhahn wurde sofort nachgeliefert ..klasse ..und auch das Produkt ist spitze ..klare Kaufempfehlung .

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