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  • Enovini Active Dry Wine Yeast 7g - Baya 18%

Enovini Active Dry Wine Yeast 7g - Baya 18%

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Enovini® BAYA active, dried, winemaking yeast - for white and rose wine - 18% for 10-35 L of batch, 7g - perfect for “restarting” fermentation

  • ​Indispensable in winemaking - Enovini® BAYA is a specially selected strain of premium, noble, winemaking yeast. It allows making white and rose wines at your own home.
  • Quick and stable fermentation - the dried noble yeast included in Enovini® BAYA will work perfect even in difficult conditions. You can also use them for “restarting” fermentation.
  • For 10-35 litres - a single 7 g packaging of Enovini® BAYA is sufficient for preparing up to even 35 litres of this aromatic homemade wine that your whole family will enjoy!
  • Simple to use - this yeast is very simple to use - the fermentation temperature range is 8-32°C, and the final alcohol content in your wine may reach even up to 18%!
  • Full scope of possibilities - when combined with nutrients with vitamin B1 and Kombi Vita, available in our offer, the Enovini® BAYA yeast will let you take advantage of its possibilities in 100%, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy the even fuller flavour and aroma of your homemade liquor!

Would you like to start your home winemaking adventure? Do you make your own liquor and look for high quality products? We recommend you our premium, noble yeast - perfect for white and rose wine. It is recommended in particular for home production of liquor from gooseberries, pears, apricots, strawberries, cereals, hawthorn, apples, wild rose, white grapes, rhubarb, and raisins.

Enovini® BAYA, i.e. the highly valued “bayanus yeast”, is a specially selected strain of yeast that allows obtaining wine with strong aroma of fruit, rich flavour, and perfect clarity. Enovini® BAYA ensures quick, efficient, and stable fermentation in a very wide range of temperatures, even in difficult conditions. They are perfect for restarting fermentation - “stimulating” the batch when the wine stops “working” prior to achievement of the properties desired.

This product is very easy to use. A single 7 g packaging of yeast is sufficient for making from 10 to 35 litres of batch. The yeast is cryophylic and works in low temperature (from 8°C). Thus, they are perfect for fermenting during colder seasons, in the basement, and their fermentation temperature range is 8-32°C, with possibility of achieving even 18% alcohol content! When using nutrients with vitamin B1 and Kombi Vita available in our offer, you can ensure for yourself the full extent of the capabilities offered by this yeast.


How to use

Mix the content of the yeast sachet with 100 mL of pre-boiled water cooled down to the temperature of 30°C. Leave it for 20 minutes in room temperature. Afterwards pour the solution obtained into a fermentation container or a demijohn with wine batch.

Ingredients: Saccharomyces bayanus winemaking yeast, emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate.
Note: use the whole packaging content.

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