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Turbo Yeast

Depending on the brand, the volume of alcohol only on the first day of fermentation may reach up to 14%. One packaging contains not only yeast, but also essential vitamins and minerals, activated carbon thanks to which you will receive exceptionally clean settings. Alcotec Turbo Yeast provide professional quality of the final product. One sachet is enough for you to make 25 liters of setting prepared with 10.5 kg of glucose. It is a real breakthrough in fermentation carried out in home conditions! Using turbo yeast for vodka (you can also find it under the names of: yeast for moonshine, yeast for spirit, yeast for distilling) fermentation is very rapid.

For this reason, while the manufacturing you should not use airlocks or plugs, do not use caps in fermenting containers. What is more, the temperature of the product should be carefully checked – if it is too high, the yeast may die.

Alcotec Fining Agent - 24 Mega Klar

    Alcotec 24 MegaKlar  (super fast fining agent) is a two-component fining agent..


Alcotec Fining Agent - Turbo Klar 24

Turbo Klar 24 Alcotec - Super fast finingAlcotec 24 TurboKlar is a two-component fining agent f..



Alcotec Re-Fermentation Yeast RESTART

Alcotec Re|start This yeast strain is especially chosen for its ability to be ..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Batch 200 - 86g

    Large scale fermentations Alcotec 200 Batch Turbo Yeast is extreme..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Classic 24

Alcotec  Dry Turbo Yeast - Classic 24 Ready in 24 hours! Alcotec Classic ..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Classic T3

Alcotec Classic T3 Vodka Yeast is a very robust turbo yeast, always delivering its 14% alcohol in 3 ..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Express 24 Pure

Alcotec 24h Vodka Yeast will ferment a normal sugar/water wash up to 14% alcohol in 24 hours under n..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Fruit 60g

Fruit Mash Yeast Alcotec Turbo Fruit - Distilling fruit liqueurs. Single strai..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Mega Pack 390g

  Vodka Yeast for 100L Alcotec MegaPack Spirit Yeast is a professional pa..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Pure 48

Alcotec 48 Vodka Yeast is probably the best selling turbo in the world. It is based arou..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Rum

Single culture Rum yeast strain with glucoamylase.Alcotec Rum Turbo Yeast contains both the yeast st..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Vodka Star

The Alcotec Vodka Star Spirit Yeast was created for making pure spirit even from pot stills. It is e..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Whisky Yeast 73g

  Distillers Whisky Turbo Yeast (Single culture Whiskey yeast strain with glucoamylas..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast 48 + Activated Carbon

  Alcotec Turbo Yeast 48 + Activated Carbon 14% alcohol in 48 hours..



Alcotec Turbo Yeast Classic 48 - 130g

Alcotec Classic 48 Spirit Yeast contains a chemically defined, high purity nutrition whi..



Alcotec Vodka Star + Turbo Klar 24h

  VODKA STAR The Alcotec VodkaStar was created for making pure spirit even from pot s..


Black Magic TC6 - Turbo Pure Yeast with Carbon

    Turbo Pure Yeast + Activated Carbon for 6-7 kg of sugar, 3 to 5 days fer..



Coobra Spirit Yeast - 48 Extreme 135g

    Coobra Spirit Yeast - 48 Extreme  Coobra 48 is a powerful and high..



Coobra Spirit Yeast - Mega Pack 360g

    Coobra Turbo Yeast - Mega Pack Turbo Yeast  also known as a vodka ..



Coobra Spirit Yeast - Rum Yeast 72g

Coobra Spirit Yeast - Rum YeastContains a genuine rum yeast strain widely used in the Caribbean for ..



Coobra Spirit Yeast - Whisky 72g

Coobra Spirit Yeast - Special selected whisky turbo yeastContains genuine whisky strain widely used ..



Double Snake - Distillers Yeast C48

  Double Snake - Distillers Yeast C48 Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitam..



Fast Fining Agent - Super Klar 24h

  Fining Agent Super Klar – Spirit Ferm It removes the solids and se..



Mash Yeast - Turbo48 Extra Pure

Mash Yeast - Turbo48 Extra PureInstructions: Dissolve the desired amount of sugar in warm water..


Moonshine Yeast + Super-Klar

Turbo-Yeast - Samogon (Moonshine).  Instruction: 6kg of sugar should be dissolved in ..



Single Strain Whisky Yeast with Amyloglucosidase 23g

Alcotec Single Strain Whisky Yeast with Amyloglucosidase. Net weight: 2..


Turbo Yeast – Coobra 6 Magnum 90g

    Turbo Yeast – Coobra 6 Magnum. All in one for easy use. For professional ..



Turbo Yeast 116g – Coobra 8

    Turbo Yeast – Coobra 8 For: 8kg of sugar and 21L of water ..


Turbo Yeast 124g – Coobra 7

    Turbo Yeast – Coobra 7. Power of performance. For professional homebrewer..


Turbo Yeast 390g – 1410 for 100L

  Turbo Yeast – 1410 for 100L For: 25kg of sugar and 100L of water ..



Turbo Yeast 80g - Samogon (Moonshine)

  Turbo-Yeast - Samogon (Moonshine) Instruction: 6kg of sugar should..


Turbo Yeast T3 125g + SuperKlar 24h

Vodka-Yeast T3 are manufactured in Scandinavia. At an affordable price – we g..



Turbo Yeast XXL + SuperKlar 24h

Active Yeast XXL - Turbo Yeast  is a mix of dry wine yeast and nutrition. The particular strai..


Turbo Yeast – 1410 for 9kg of sugar 140g

  Turbo Yeast – 1410   For: 9kg of sugar and 22L of water ..



Turbo Yeast – Coobra T3 Basic 90g

  Turbo Yeast – Coobra T3 Basic For: 7kg of sugar and 21L of water ..


Turbo Yeast – T3 Super 130g

  Turbo Yeast – T3 Super For: 6kg of sugar and 21L of water Fer..



Turbo Yeast – T48 Super 140g

  Turbo Yeast – T48 Super For: 8kg of sugar and 21L of water Fe..



Vodka Yeast - Extreme 8kg

Super Yeast Extreme 8kg - 18%Instructions: Dissolve 8kg of sugar in hot water, pour into a fermente..



Vodka Yeast - Moskva Style

  Acticve Yeast - Moskva Style Multi-purpose use. Instructions: Diss..



Vodka Yeast - Turbo 24h

Fast active yeast Turbo24 – ferments 6kg of sugar in 24 hours.Turbo Yeast  also known as a vod..



Vodka Yeast - Turbo 3

Vodka-Yeast T3  Yeasts are manufactured in Scandinavia. At an affordable pric..



Vodka Yeast - Turbo Fruit 40g

  Vodka-Yeast Turbo Fruit This turbo yeast can handle fruit fermenta..



Vodka Yeast 75g - XXL

Active Vodka Yeast - XXL Turbo Yeast  also known as a vodka yeast, spir..


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