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  • Cellulose Filter Sheets 450x560 - 5pcs

Cellulose Filter Sheets 450x560 - 5pcs

  • £4.99


  • Brand: Alcofermbrew
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  • Product Code: Lab Filter Paper
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Filter Papers for filtering floating debris out of liquids 
  • for wines, spirits, liqueurs, beer, perfumes and general use.
  • Before using a filter paper. pass 250ml of tap water through the filter paper. Discard the water to drain.
  • Pack of 5 x filter sheet 450x560mmm

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Nigel 14/01/2020

Buonasera le confermo che il pacco è arrivato tutto integro, la ringrazio per la sua sollecitudine per risolvere il disguido della mancata consegna nei tempi da voi programmati.

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