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Should you use yeast to make wine or not?

Some people (mainly those living in southern countries) in fact do not add yeast to make wine, because they use special varieties of grapes. There is natural yeast on the skin of such grapes, which is able to effect the fermentation process. However, in Europe it is mostly necessary to add wine-making yeast. Even if wine is made from grapes or raisins, the wild yeast that inhabits them may not be suitable for fermentation. It is not a good idea to make small savings on wine-making yeast because you may waste a lot more components, let alone the time and energywhen the wine turns out to be a failure.


Also, naturally occurring wild yeast is quite weak and they easily lose its struggle for sugar in the tank with bacteria, which leads to the grape must infection.
In the past, people who made wine at home used baker’s yeast from a shop, because it was all they could get. You can still use it to make wine, but why should you? If you use both types of yeast, you will see three differences:


Firstly, most wine-making yeast does not ferment so violently during the primary fermentation. In consequence, less flavour substances escape and the wine has a better bouquet.

Secondly, winemaking yeast makes more compact sediment at the bottom of the fermentation tank or a balloon, which makes it easier to draw clear liquid without deposit particles.

Thirdly, you get more tasty wine with winemaking yeast, because there are many varieties – one for each grape variety.

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Monday 27th January 2020

I'm always using wine yeast.

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