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Recipe for wild rose wine
Wild rose and apple trees are in the same plant family, which is probably why wine made from wild rose fruit and that made from apples have a similar taste, only the former is gentler. The principle of fruit selection for the wine is also similar – only very ripe fruit (dark orange and light red in colour) will give a sweet, mild taste. Before you start picking wild rose fruit, make sure the bushes were not sprayed with pesticides and then wash the picked fruit thoroughly. They are the best when picked after the first frost.


Ingredients for ca. 4 litres of wine
675 g of fresh or 225 g of dried wild rose fruit
1 kg of sugar
potassium pyrosulphite
winemaking yeast (dry or liquid) – one sachet
yeast medium – one sachet
360 ml of orange juice at the room temperature
citric acid – 5 g
pectolytic enzyme – 5 g


How to start making the wine?
1. Wash the fruit, cut each one in half, put them into a plastic fermenter and crush. Add the sugar and ca. 2 litres of water. You can add pyrosulphite to get rid of so-called wild yeast. By getting rid of wild yeast you avoid unwanted wild fermentation. Put it aside for 24 hours.
2. If you use liquid yeast: make “master yeast” in a jar: mix the yeast, medium and orange juice. Close the jar and shake it vigorously for a while. Put it aside for 1-2 days until the yeast starts to “work” (bubbles appear); then pour the yeast to the must.
If you use dry (active) yeast: add it directly to the must.
3. Add the remaining ingredients. Put the must aside for a week, stir it every day. Strain and make up with water to ca. 4 litres. Draw the wine to a fermentation balloon and put it aside for 3 months. Draw it again and put it aside until it becomes clear. Draw the wine regularly whenever deposit forms at the bottom. When the fermentation is completed, draw the wine to bottles.
4. Let it mature for 2-3 months.



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Wednesday 05th February 2020

Thank You for a simple and very helpful recipe.

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