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Oak chips. Overview and basic tips.


Drinking alcohol is quite similar to love. First sip is like kiss, very magical and uniqual experience. As long as relationship is growing, everything start to be more intimate. Whole long-build happiness can be destroy, when routine appear.


You may be not expert or you can't recall most famous types of wines, whiskey or beer? But you always want to drink best quality alcohol. Probably you primarily appreciate aroma, flavor and color? These three factors decide (or should decide) instead of logical determinants and they are responsible for quality. How to achive good taste without spend a lot of money for one extraordinary bottle of alcohol? Explore interesting world of oak chips and avoid routine in your drinking evening ritual.



Why my alcohol is not so well?


As you probably know, good whiskey matures long time in oak period.This type of wood is the best environment to get noble alcohol. In homemade process it's hard to ensure proper hideaway for whiskey. Keeping beverage in the barrel require a lot of efforts and is expensive way. Fortunately wise people think about this obstacles.



After fermentation and distillation alcohol is close to be finished. But it not look like whiskey from your dream yet. Amount of alcohol? Correct. Density? Not so bad. Still something is missing. Whole secret come from the four step - maturation and blending. In home condition you need oak chips, which are used from decades. Even in brewing and winemaking. Add it properly and oaks will extricate flavor of alcohol.


How to use oak chips?


Let's start this story from real beginning. From the other, not so known side. Oak chips are most popular in whiskey process production. How we can use it in winemaking?

Standard toasted premium oak put into a muslin bag or drop directly to the mixture during the secondary fermentery time for minimum one week. They dissipates after this period among whole pot and give wine unique aroma and color. You don't really get anymore the over flavor left. The same situation are when you make beer in home. Taste it and feel the difference.


Which oak chips is the best?


It’s not a simply question. Not even good approach. Decision depends on many factors and individual preferences. Some people loves dark, depth aroma. For them oak chips producers prepare very toasted chips. You can notice, that color is more brown, almost black. In mouth you will feel heavy taste of chocolate, almonds or coffee. Add this type of oaks if you want to make dark beer: porter, stout, ale.



Not so intensive are medium oak chips. They ensure premium character, but in more sophisticated way. Made from American species recall vision of sunny day spend in a uncle’s farm from Kentucky. For French wine lovers the best decision is to buy fresh oak chips. Then you feel in alcohol a little bit of caramel and vanilla. This composition is recommended by people who have couple a year of experience. Why? If oak chips lay in pot one day later, whole effort could be wasted. But in the end, thinking about choosing right type to alcohol is great fun. We always say: life is like pack of oak chips. You never know what you're gonna get.




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