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Problems with stopped fermentation. Causes and solutions:

Lack of tightness of the fermentation stopper, no water in the fermentation pipe – in this case, fermentation continues, only you cannot see it. You can solve the problem by making the fermentation system tight or by adding water to the fermentation pipe.

No sugar in the fermentation mixture – sugar is the food for yeast. To put it simply: yeast eats sugar and turns it into alcohol. Lack of sugar stops the fermentation. This problem can be solved by checking the sugar level with a saccharometer and replenishing it if necessary.

Wrong temperature – check the temperature at the place where your fermentation mixture stands. The optimum temperature for fermentation is 18-22°C, but it can be higher – up to 30°C. Temperatures above 30°C kill yeast, those below 18°C prevent yeast from beginning its activity.

A wrong manner of adding yeast – yeast has to be multiplied before being added to the mixture; adding yeast directly to the mixture is a very common mistake. You can see here how to multiply yeast. For dry (powdered) yeast, it is a common mistake to dissolve it in water of a wrong temperature. Most people dissolve yeast in tepid water, without checking its temperature with a thermometer. Remember that the temperature of tepid water is always higher than 30°C, which means that winemaking yeast gets killed. This problem can be solved by using a thermometer and (to restart fermentation) adding restart yeast.

No medium for yeast – no nitrogen and amino acids. Always use a medium for winemaking yeast.

Too much sugar in the fermentation mixture – always use a saccharometer or use well-tested recipes. Remember that there is sugar in fruit, too. Here you will find the sugar levels which you cannot exceed.

If you want your fermentation to start again, use restart yeast.

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Monday 27th January 2020

Thank You very much. Very useful information about stopped fermentation.

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