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How to make the best mash? Ingredients and equipment


In late 1920 government of the United States banned alcohol for thirteen years. However, during prohibition people drunk much more, than ever before. Average American tope almost 2 liters of booze per week! How was possible? Wiseguys created a whole alternative process of making and supplying alcohol. Of course, it was illegal, but enormous revenues from selling hooch allowed took a risk. Distillers needed only potatoes, grain, sugar and water. People more than getting best quality beverage were interested in receiving a high amount of cheap alcohol.




This period of prohibition, also known as The Noble Experiment, past away a long time ago. Sugar wash is still recommended for beginners, who want to start with homemade distilling. Now it’s a low risk process and really simple way to make own neutral spirit. It’s so easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes.


Make alcohol great again


Quick process embraces a few stages. First of all, you need a big container. Plastic fermenter and of a 30 liters capacity is quite enough. Pour 20 liters of water and preheat to 90 degrees. Now it’s the perfect moment to dump sugar. For start, to prepare half a batch using 5 kilograms of sugar. If you have table sugar that works as well too. Some experts recommend special corn sugar, which makes mixture clearly.


Most important stages will be just now. The last thing you will do for simplicity is adding one package of yeast. Put it into the fast ferment. It is already mixed and support the process of fermenting. Stir it two times for forth to air rate. Oxygen is an important function in fermentation. Decrease temperature to about 74 degrees. The results of sugar wash that you did are noticeable even after 12 hours, but the best effect receives if you leave the mixture for 10 days.


Base of alcohol


Good moonshine is almost done? Maybe. But if you think about better quality, use other natural ingredients and prepare best equipment. As we mention, mash needs a special base. Theoretical is possible to produce alcohol from almost everything. Great agricultural source for making hooch is a potato. Sometimes it’s worth effort to  an add enzyme, bought in special stores. It contain a lot of starch, which gets the sugars and further - ethanol. It’s called the mashing procedure.




After of fermentation, it goes into a big, special pot, where the process of purification will start. It’s a stage of the distillation process. It forces the vapor, which is traveling up the column to pass through a level of liquid condensate. When it passes, the vapor gets the opportunity to either pass on a vapor again, or recondense back. With every step of purification, you have a more pure vodka. Now you take hydrometer because it’s time to check the amount of alcohol. If you are patient, you can take of approximately a 96 percent ABV spirit, which would be a very highly refined pure vodka.


Other possibilities


Not only from potatoes you can produce alcohol. A good source to mash is also fruit. Special Italian spirit called grappa is made from the pomace of grapes skin, pulp, seeds, and stems. Species of grapes is the most important issue because they have an influence on taste and aroma. In traditional way minimum ABV is 37,5%, so is still strong alcohol. For apple lovers, we recommend Calvados, straight from the Normandy.




As probably everyone knows, Japanese people make their own vodka from rice, named sake.  In the East, vodka is produced from wheat, barley or other types of grains. Poland is world-famous producers of strong alcohol made by the rye. Depends on your private preferences, which base of mash you choose. But one is clearly known - every strong alcohol is tasty.



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