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Aged alcohol in 24 hours? Power of aromatization


Nothing brightens up a rainy day like a Scotch tasting. Famous American writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and for many an icon of masculinity, Ernest Heminghway said “Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey”. If beverage is very well, even the old man is capable to drink whole sea of alcohol. But it requires patience, because best liquids have very long maturation process. You do not have time to wait or wanna quickly check results of your work on homemade whiskey or rum? Now it’s not a problem. Let’s explore magnificent world of aromatization.


Using essences


Many experts disqualify alcohol produce with added essence, because of alleged awful taste. In their radical, conservative point it's order cheating or even sacrilege. But when prices are going up and you have soul of explorers, experimentals, it’s necessary to find other solution. If you’re not craft distillers, high-alcohol essence is great for make your own flavoured moonshine whiskey, tequilla or grappa.



Usually, you make a distilled spirit, put it in a barrel and... you wait for 10 years at least. That’s really expensive. Second method completely change a regular way to make recipe. All you need is a bottle of essence flavoured the way you like. Add to an unflavoured neutral grain alcohol. It could be vodka, rum or whiskey. You can insert the flavouring from the essence and mix into small barrel instead of wait weeks, month or years. Just you do it in a fraction of the time.


The definition of a bourbon inform us that it’s got to be at least 51% corn, Most Bourbons got to be distilled at less 160 proof and it has to be aged in a new American oak charred barrel. It doesn’t say how long. That’s how you can faster make high-quality spirit with bourbon essence and feel aromas of american dream.


Oak chips and mix herbs


Almost 80% of the flavour in a whiskey comes from the wood. Even big companies don’t build barrels from all amazing woods, because it would be so expensive. You can just take full jug, big pot or barrell of the clear spirit and along with the wood. Besides flavour extract also oak chips is great idea if you’re in a hurry to create tasty, but cheap alcohol.





Oak chips are very small pieces of wood. They are responsible for fresh experience, intensity, balance and sweetness of alcohol. One of them may have more darker tune, with distinct smell of smoke, while others are more smoothness. If you leave white oak chips a lot longer in the bottle, they will almost equal out with the color, but darker do it much faster.


Whole process is very simple. Pour inside vessel about half of bag of oak chips. Are they starting to clog up at the very top? Very well. Close lid and just let that set. That’s all you’ve got to do. Later on you’ll notice some of them start to sink. As they start to absorb the alcohol, impart their flavour start to mature, they’ll all sink to the bottom. Once in a while you can go back in it and give it a shake. You probably notice the difference after 24 hours already. Give it about week or two and you’ll have a very burgundy color.





Another well-recommended solution for emphasize aromas is splicing strong alcohol with herbs. Mixture of vodka herbs contains vitamins and minerals. Some people perceive this type of alcohol as the best medicine for painful indigestion. Taste explicitness is a result of long maturation process. During a few weeks, vodka herbs balances and ennobles alcohol. Each country has special herbal flavour. For instance, Polish people love ice-cold shot of vodka called “Zobrowka”. Bison grass inside bottles give fresh and clear flavour, which remind long walk in spring morning.

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