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Wine production

Wine production

Winemaking Calculator

You want to make wine at home, but you don’t know how? Our winemaking calculator will help you to prepare a recipe for wine. Enter the fruit you want to use, the number of litres of wine you want to make and the percent of alcohol you want your wine to contain. The calculator will generate the recip... 17.07.2020.
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Recipe for wild rose wine

Wild rose and apple trees are in the same plant family, which is probably why wine made from wild rose fruit and that made from apples have a similar taste, only the former is gentler. The principle of fruit selection for the wine is also similar – only very ripe fruit (dark orange and light red in ... 05.02.2020.
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Should you use yeast to make wine or not?

Some people (mainly those living in southern countries) in fact do not add yeast to make wine, because they use special varieties of grapes. There is natural yeast on the skin of such grapes, which is able to effect the fermentation process. However, in Europe it is mostly necessary to add wine-maki... 26.01.2020.
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My wine is not fermenting – Why?

Problems with stopped fermentation. Causes and solutions: A wrong manner of adding yeast – yeast has to be multiplied before being added to the mixture; adding yeast directly to the mixture is a very common mistake. You can see here how to multiply yeast. For dry (powdered) yeast, it is a common mis... 26.01.2020.
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Refractometer or a hydrometer in home-made wine making

Precise determination of sugar and alcohol content has a direct impact on the later taste, and above all on the strength of alcohol. Many people ask the question whether more attention should be devoted to the selection of a hydrometer or refractometer. We will try to answer key questions.... 24.06.2019.
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The Wine Awakens. How to restart fermentation?

Many winemakers have a huge problem with fermentation. When everything seems to go their way, it suddenly turns out that all effort has gone to waste. Learn about effective ways to restart fermentation and enjoy the moment spent with a glass of delicious wine.... 30.05.2019.
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How to make whisky step by step?

Have you ever thought about being a gentleman? You know all this noble, wise people, who speak a lot about their very important business with cigar in one hand and glass of whiskey in the other? Of course, it’s just unfair, stereotypical image. Gentleman doesn’t have to be the richest man in the nei... 01.02.2019.
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Oak chips. Overview and basic tips.

Drinking alcohol is quite similar to love. First sip is like kiss, very magical and uniqual experience. As long as relationship is growing, everything start to be more intimate. Whole long-build happiness can be destroy, when routine appear. You may be not expert or you can't recall most famous... 29.01.2019.
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How to make the best mash? Ingredients and equipment

In late 1920 government of the United States banned alcohol for thirteen years. However, during prohibition people drunk much more, than ever before. Average American tope almost 2 liters of booze per week! How was possible? Wiseguys created a whole alternative process of making and supplying alcoho... 28.01.2019.
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Aged alcohol in 24 hours? Power of aromatization

Nothing brightens up a rainy day like a Scotch tasting. Famous American writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and for many an icon of masculinity, Ernest Heminghway said “Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey”. If beverage is very well, even the old man is capable t... 28.01.2019.
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