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Summer is coming. Heat causes that the body constantly demands liquid replenishment. Nothing quenches thirsts like kefir into dinner. It is also a healthy drink that strengthens the bone structure and adds energy. Get to know the recipe for creating your own kefir in home conditions.


It would seem that in order to produce kefir, special and complicated technological processes are necessary. This is probably the case in large factories, but you can do everything at home. Kefir and sour milk are a good proposition even for those who do not like milk products.


What is kefir and why is it healthy?

Home-made kefir is obtained from unboiled and preferably unpasteurized milk. The best choice is greasy milk, but can also be 2%). If we do not have milk straight from the cow, we can make it from fresh milk with a short shelf life. Many people say that kefir from the store is expired when the lid of the packaging is convex. This is a wrong thesis, because this fact proves that the product is fresh. If you think about starting your own production, it is not recommended to make kefir or sour milk from UHT milk. Even if it starts to be sour, it will remain rare and unpalatable.



Kefir is low calorie and provides the body with many valuable ingredients - calcium, lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, and minerals. By the way, it supports digestive processes. In addition to excellent taste, it has a very important and beneficial effect on the composition of the bacterial flora in the gut. It is also praised by dieticians, because thanks to it, the everyday menu is more diverse. This type of milk product is an excellent base of seasonal fruit cocktails - it tastes great when combined with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You can also serve it as a dessert. What's more - it's possible to drink kefir with every meal or add to the salad together with chopped vegetables, dill, parsley, herbs, and spices.


How to make yogurt and kefir?

Prepare one liter of milk and a starter, i.e. one packet of live bacterial cultures. Put the dish in a bowl filled with water, then pour both ingredients. Mix. Place the two dishes on the stove and heat gently. This way you won't get rid of the microflora and keep most of the beneficial probiotic substances. Remember, however, that the temperature of the milk should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. Gradually lower it to about 25 degrees.


Making a kefir at home is a bit simpler. It requires concentration, at least at the beginning of the adventure in home production. A place to work should be properly prepared and some patience should be demonstrated. It's worth spending some time on this because home-made kefir is much tastier and healthier than the products available in the store.



The process of making kefir is very similar because all ingredients you need are milk (it can not be too cold or too warm) and the starter. Mix thoroughly to get the right consistency and the starter content dissolves. Now you have to wait. How long? The milk is fermented for a minimum of 12 hours, but the process can last all day. A lot depends on the proportion. It should be remembered that the entire mixture must be tightly covered and not allowed to stir during the waiting time.


What's next? When everything is ready, we put the whole in the fridge for the next 12 hours. The chilled product is ready for consumption for about 3 or 4 days. If we have enough patience, you can keep the milk mixed with the starter under the cover longer. If we only heat the mixture gently, we will get a cottage cheese.


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