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Smoking enthusiasts often encounter a problem when choosing a type of wood: how to create the color and taste of this beautiful piece of meat? Get some knowledge, make the right decision and enjoy the beautiful meat on the table.


The meat smoking process has been known almost from the beginning of history. For thousands of years, knowledge has been gathered to help you decide on the choice of wood. It's very difficult and consists of a number of factors. But there is no doubt, that only the smoke from natural wood gives a unique aroma tempts and stimulates the senses. Chip shavings can also be used. Each of the given solutions ends a completely different final result.


Different types of wood for smoking

In the beginning, the wood should be divided into deciduous and coniferous. The first classification will generally characterize different species and their impact on smoking meat. Fruit trees are particularly popular in Europe. Oak and white beech, as well as alder and birch, are also excellent. Why? It is hardwood and creates a noble coating on the meat. In turn, the inhabitants of South America eagerly add to fire to mahogany and cedar wood.



On the other hand, we have coniferous wood. Some people think that it is not very suitable for smoking because the meat hung on the hook gains a bitter aftertaste and unpleasant odor. However, do not be too hasty to resign for coniferous wood. Fir, spruce, and pine are extremely popular among the inhabitants of the Bavarian region. Almost black smoke gives meat intense taste and fits well with Munich specialty, beer. The coniferous base is a great choice also to smoke fish.


A popular method is to use other parts of the wood. We mean here sawdust of softwood, which is prepared for smoking often as a mixture of various types of wood, also with the addition of herbs. They need to dry in the open air for a long time, so do not keep them in sealed containers or keep them in the room. If we decide to smoke in such smoke, we must reckon with the occurrence of a lot of soot. The smell of natural turpentine will also have a strong influence on the taste of smoked meat.


How to care for wood for smoking and meat?

We've just focused on the first aspect of preparing wood or chips shavings for smoking. Finding the right storage space is a key issue. Moisture, which penetrates into the wood, forms a tarry coating on the meat. Smoke does not penetrate inside and does not give the right aroma. Special collagen casings can be used, but the products can still be acidic, black and unevenly smoked.



Wood should be seasoned for at least a year after shearing, although it is best to use several-year-old pieces. If someone knows the art of smoking, he will skillfully prolong the combustion process. In addition, remember to rip bark from the wood. It is important to check that the wood is completely natural. Varnished, stained pieces and particle boards are not suitable for smoking. They spoil the taste, slow down the whole process, and can also harm the health.


When we talk about meat, it is necessary to prick the pieces before hanging on the hook, which improve the smoking effect. Another important thing is keeping a watchful eye on the temperature. It is varied depending on the chosen method. With hot smoking, the temperature reaches up even to 90 degrees Celsius. Patience will also be useful. First of all, you have to put a lot of heart into the work of smoking. Without it, the taste of meat will be bland and the effect will be miserable.


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