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Calculate the brine composition – wet curing

Amount of meat: kg

You need:

litres of water
dag (1 dag = 10 gram) of curing salt


Wet curing is readily applied both by amateurs and professionals. You can apply this method for curing all types of meat. You can prepare a very mild mixture of low salt content, but also a very salty one. You can add different ingredients to your brine to make it meet your expectations and tastes. The brine strength (water to salt ratio) and the time for which meat is soaked in it are the two factors that affect the salt concentration in the finished product. The condiments that you add to the brine will impart a unique taste to your products. You are the chef and you are in control of the process. There is no one universal recipe for brine. Some say that only strong solutions should be used, others prefer medium or weak solutions.

Curing salt, Injector for Meat 100ml


The number of grams of salt needed to make brine of a given concentration.

concentration (%) / water

Concentration (%) 1L 2L 3L 4L


57g 85,5g 114g


114g 171g 228g


88g 176g 264g 352g


121,5g 243g 364,5g 486g


155,5g 311g 466,5g 622g


192,5g 385g 577,5g 770g


231,5g 463g 694,5g 926g


272,5g 545g 817,5g 1090g


318g 636g 954g 1272g


367g 734g 1101g 1468g



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Emmaus del Agra
Emmaus del Agra
Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Very useful for a starting charcuterian like me

Monday 20th January 2020

Very useful calculator for brine. BUT, if You have for example 1.5 kg of meat, always use . (dot) instead , (comma) otherwise calculator doesn't work. Thank You

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