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What exactly is smoking?
Smoking is nothing else than just a process in which meat and fish are exposed to the action of wood smoke. It can be produced by burning pieces of wood, wood chips or sawdust. Wood of leafy trees (beech, oak or alder) or fruit (especially stone fruit) trees are mainly used for smoking. First of all, smoking changes the flavour, colour and taste of the preserved products. It also melts out the fat, evaporates the water and makes the finished products edible without further boiling or baking. Smoking salted and cured products makes it easy for smoke components to penetrate them and makes their colour much more pleasant. Bactericidal properties extend the product durability, owing to which they can be stored longer. You can use a garden smoking chamber (made of wood, brick or sheet metal) or a home one, which looks like a small grill. meat hooks



Smoke and smoking wood – what you need to know
Wood, wood chips and sawdust of leafy or fruit trees are used for smoking. Sometimes, to give products an original aftertaste, juniper as twigs or fruit is also added. Wood of coniferous trees is not used as burning resin gives the meat a bitter unpleasant taste and soot sticks to the meat. The type of wood used affects the meat colour, and its moisture content – the smoke density. The flow rate and the type of chemical compounds in it have a considerable effect on the smoking process. The smaller the piece of meat, the quicker the smoke flow rate should be (especially if it is hot - the meat products can get burnt). It should be noted that the higher the smoke temperature, the better its bactericidal properties. It can be regulated by opening and closing the hearth door. natural sausage casings



What are the methods of smoking?
A proper method of smoking should be selected depending on what we want to smoke. There are three major methods of smoking: cold, warm and hot. Cold smoking is conducted at a temperature of 16-22°C and it lasts for several hours to two days. Cold-smoking is applied to durable smoked cuts, raw durable or semi-durable sausages, lard and bacon, as well as fish. You can use this method to smoke meat, fish and cheese. Warm smoking is conducted at a temperature of 22-45°C, and it lasts for 4 hours to 2 days. Such smoking makes products lose 2% to 10% of their pre-smoking weight. Warm smoking is used for fish, all semi-durable smoked meat, smoked meat for subsequent thermal treatment and some semi-durable meat products during re-smoking. Hot smoking is definitely the fastest method of smoking. It can be divided into several stages: drying (temp. 40-50°C, ca. 40 min), smoking proper (temp. 40-60°C, ca. 2 h) and surface roasting (temp. 60-90°C, max 20 min). This method is perfect for smoked meat cuts, non-durable sausages, intended for simmering after smoking and for durable and semi-durable sausages intended for simmering and re-smoking in hot smoke. There is also warm smoking with baking, which is only used for sausage smoking. Smoking runs identically as in hot smoking, but the temperature is raised at the last stage and the roasting time is extended to ca. 50 minutes. meat netting

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Tuesday 21st January 2020

What are the methods of smoking? Now I know :) Thx

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