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The natural way of preparing dishes is not only a great opportunity to start a healthy diet, but also a great hobby. Are you wondering how look the process of smoking is? Take advantage of our advice and enjoy the taste of delicate meat.


Fish are a great source of phosphorus, protein and vitamins. Why, then, do we eat so little? On our table mostly reigns poultry, beef or pork. It is worth to vary the menu and change meat habits, which also has a good effect on our body. After all, fish are a meal available under any latitude and longitude.


Therefore, the decision is taken - the inhabitants of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans return to the diet. In addition to fried or cooked fish, smoked ones are a good alternative and a delight for the palate. The method consists of long-term heating of meat with smoke in a specially constructed room. If you plan to build yourself a smokehouse, you definitely want to know how to use it. Check how to smoke the fish step by step.


Preparation of fish for smoking

Before you start smoking fish, you must first prepare it properly. If you're not passionate about fishing and fish are bought in the store - be vigilant and check carefully that product is fresh. When you bring the fish home, you can start the proper preparation slowly. At the beginning you need to get rid of your eyes and gills because these elements start to rot very quickly.



After finishing this stage, it is time to wash the fish to clean the mucus and scales. In the following part, you have to prepare the brine. All fish have in their bodies not much salt, which, as you know - preserves dishes and lengthens their freshness. Dishes for salting fish must be resistant to aggressive salt and have approval certificate allowing them to come into contact with food. It is best to use enamel or plastic dishes.


Salting can last several hours. You can do this by using a kitchen salt solution dissolved in water. Much depends on the size of the fish and ... time we have. Smaller species should be stored in brine for a shorter time. With a 2.5 kilogram fish, prepare a dish with about 5 liters of water at a temperature less than 10 degrees Celsius and add 1.5 kg of salt. After 7-8 hours, once more wash the fish and hang in the gentle sun.


What to smoke and how?

Why smoke fish at all? First of all, they would gain durability, unique aroma and taste. Depending on the added spices, the method of salting, smoking, the species of fish, used wood for smoking, we get different, interesting flavors and aromas. The deciduous tree is mainly used. In addition to fruit species, beech, birch or ash are ideal for this.


It's time to go to the merits. You can smoke both in the hot and cold way. The first method is a quick and proven for smoking fish. The smoking temperature in the final stage (last 20 minutes) is 100 degrees. At the beginning, you should hang the fish in slightly colder conditions (about 40 degrees Celsius, which gradually increases to about 80 degrees). If you smoke smaller fish, you need to remember about the low smoke density.



An alternative, less common, is cold smoking. Then the whole process can last from several hours even up to several days. The optimal temperature after drying is 25 degrees. During smoking, the smoke should freely escape from the smokehouse. Both methods, however, combine one basic principle that applies to hanging. Many fish can be smoked whole. This is the case for small copies. In turn, some species are better to put in a smokehouse in bells. Then the meat will be tastier.


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