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The healing properties of tinctures have been known for a long time. Today, herbal alcohols are increasingly popular and used often in autumn and winter. How to prepare for home-made liqueurs and make a drink according to your own recipe?


The herbs flooded with alcohol were one of the first forms of medicines. The tincture can be made from many herbs and fruits. The alcohol used in production allows you to remove water-insoluble active substances that have medicinal qualities. Currently, tinctures are usually treated only as a tasty alternative to vodka or whiskey. Why have we forgotten about herbal delicacies so easily? Recipes for tinctures have been passed down in families from generation to generation, so it's definitely worth trying them out. You just need to remember about the right doses. Sometimes beverage can bring more problems than benefits, so tinctures should be drunk in smaller quantities.


How to prepare a delicious tincture of herbs?


Homemade tinctures can be prepared from fruits, herbs, flowers, roots or from a combination of various types of ingredients. The selected composition is infused with alcohol to bring out the taste and aroma. This process is called maceration. A home tincture can be additionally sweetened with honey or sugar syrup. Fruit or herbal mixtures delight not only with taste, but also have health properties. Before you start preparing the herbal tincture yourself, it is worth knowing about several important principles:


  • Choose fresh herbs

Tinctures of fresh herbs have more active substances. However, if you do not have the option of collecting herbs yourself and you need to stock up on dried herbs, make sure they are of good quality. You will get such eg in specialized stores with organic food.


  • Use good quality ingredients

Do not use rotten and dry fruits, as well as leftovers you have not been able to eat. The same applies to herbs - if you collect them yourself, remember that they are well-developed and healthy. Good quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the final product.



  • Never pour herbs with alcohol stronger than 70%

The high concentration of alcohol destroys compounds found in herbs, and yet it is the most valuable in them. For the preparation of herbal liqueurs, usually use pure vodka or even weaker alcohols.


  • The place for maceration should be warm

Place the jar with herbs flooded with alcohol in some warm but not sunny conditions. It is different in the case of fruit - then place the jar in a warm place where the sun is often. If you are preparing a tincture from a mixture of fruits and herbs, place the jar in a shaded but warm place.



What else is worth remembering?


You probably wonder if you need expensive equipment to start the adventure with the production of tinctures. Not at all! Fruit, herbs or other raw materials are best placed in a large glass jar for tinctures, which will contain all the necessary ingredients. Maceration for tinctures must be carried out in a sealed vessel, filled to a minimum of 2/3 of its capacity. It's easy to get it in professional stores.


An important element of the preparation is also the selection of herbs. As mentioned above, this aspect depends not only on taste but also on our well-being. For digestive problems, it is useful to use a dry angelic root tincture, although it can be taken in really small amounts. In turn, the general strengthening of the body is recommended to drink a mixture based on nettles, dandelion, and plantain. Everyone will certainly find something for themselves.


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