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Rank of the world’s most popular cheeses


Cheese! - said photographer during the family meeting. And everyone in one moment thought about this delicious snack. Cheese is one the widely used food in the world - from France, across Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain to the USA. Each mentioned country has own culture of producing cheeses. We add it to the dishes or serve with a glass of wine, but a small group of people really know how to classify them. Now it’s time to get a tour around the world to explore the wonderful, exciting world of cheeses.



What is cheese?


Oh, cheeses! There are four thousand types across the globe. So, we need to start from the real beginning.  Goat, cow, sheep, yak, water buffalo or even the camel - these animals gives basic materials to produce cheese. How the cheese will taste it depends on individual features of milk. For instance, creamy goat’s milk is saltier than cow’s milk, but also more healthier. On the other hand, sheep’s milk is a great and valuable source of microelements and vitamins.


Which cheese is the best?


Smell and flavor have direct influence to type. Source of milk majority determined the texture of the cheese. Moreover, different countries have own authentic ways of making cheese. The main country which produces the most famous cheese is Italy.



This easily melts pasta falada cheese ranks as the most popular in the world. Mozzarella is from region Campania in Southern Italy and commonly use in famous dishes like pastas, pizzas or Caprese salad. Not every knows, that is made with fresh Buffalo’s milk. That’s why mozzarella is semi-soft, white and has 22% total fat content, so is a good lower calorie choice.




Brie is soft-ripened cheese with an edible white crust made from cow’s milk. The birthplace of this type is in France. Unlike other cheese, it’s not aged, because it can create molds in it. Then brie cheese could smell bad. It’s eaten for breakfast with fresh fruits - grapes or berries. Ensure a lot of vitamins and proteins.



Caciotta is a soft table cheese made in Italy, with the light crust and slightly straw-colored. To make raw cheese using a base of nuts and water. The cheeses are great to enjoy with rocket salad and tomatoes. The taste of the caciotta is delicate.


Feta cheese

Its origin is in Greece. Now used widely in a variety of salads. Either made from cows milk or sheep’s milk it is age minimum for three months and has both firm, soft creamy texture variants. Apart from Greek Salads it’s also commonly used in pastries and pies. Feta cheese is a source of vitamin A, B and calcium.






This cheese became from the smallest village in France is similar, but with a stronger, characteristic odor and softer texture. What is fascinating, the production technique hasn’t really changed since two hundred years, when during the French Revolution story of camembert was began.



Traditional fresh and creamy cheese is made from the whey. It is separated from the curds during producing and left to ferment for one day. Ricotta doesn’t have a typical cheesy flavor. Because of sweet taste, this cheese is a common ingredient in desserts.



The main reason high-quality cheeses cost so much is because of the difficult process of preparing and using very expensive ingredients. You shouldn’t have to choose between high quality and money. Try to become a cheese maker. The whole process is not so easy, but be patient and remember -  it’s a worthy effort. If you afraid, just taste all this mentioned cheese.




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