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Is regarded as one of the best cheeses and accounting for 60 percent of the world’s cheese consumption. The story of gouda production started in a small city in Noord-Holland named Gouda in 12th century. Almost 300 Dutch farmers still produce “Boerenkaas” - unpasteurized Gouda according to the traditional recipe. Locals say “How-da” for this type of product made from cow’s milk. How to make original gouda and what kits we need? Let’s go to the kitchen and get some fun.


The first step is to put four and a half liters of milk, which needs to be heated to 29-30 degrees Celsius. Now it’s time for acidification of the milk with cheese culture. 50 grams of the powder should be measured and dissolved in a beaker with 50 milliliters of milk. This mixture is then added to the milk in a pan. Cheese culture is a lifeless mixture of bacteria. It is available in a specialized shop. Lactose is changed into lactic acid. Stir milk very firmly.

Add at least 20 drops of rennet to the milk. This is an important step in the production of cheese as it goes with the milk curd. At this stage, the structure of the curd is comparable to that of the sponge. Decoction still needs to be heated at 29-30 degrees for 30 minutes. Later you should cut the curd into small pieces for ten minutes in order to separate the liquid. The watery fluid that appears is called whey.

Gouda step by step

One-third of the whey is to be removed after cutting. Then pour warm water with the temperature between 75 and 90 degrees Celsius is attitude occured, so that more whey will be separated. It is important, that the mixture of the curd and the whey is stirred well for about ten minutes. The temperature of the curd is to be kept to 33 degrees Celsius for next half an hour. The procedure is repeated at a temperature of 36°C. Remove all the curd from the whey. The curd is transferred into cheese barrels, where it will be pressed firmly. Place the lid on the barrels. Place them upside down for ten minutes underneath the press with a weight of 2 kilograms for 30 minutes.

Each cheese is taken out of the barrel and placed upside down back up. They need to be pressed again, but now with a four-kilogram weight for 3,5 hours. The cheese that needs to rest in a barrel for eight to ten hours. In the meantime prepare a saltwater bath with 200 grams of salt per liter and put the cheese in it for six to twelve hours. The cheese needs to stay below the water surface. After one day (24 hours) it’s time to start coating. Let it mature for at least four weeks. Again a long time, right? But it’s worth to be patience. Gouda will be very intensive. Enjoy your cheese!



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