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Gouda-type Cheese for 1 kg

Ingredients: 10 L fresh or pasteurized milk (not UHT), 1g Gouda bacteria culture, 2-3g calcium chloride, 1g dry microbiological rennet or 10 drops of liquid rennet.

How to make it: 1. Heat up milk to the temperature of 33°C. 2. Add calcium chloride dissolved in a small amount of water, and stir. Leave for 5 min. 3. Add a proper amount of bacteria culture. Stir gently, cover and have in a warm place for about 1 hour. 4. You can add cheese herbs in this step. 5. Next add the dry rennet previously dissolved in 50 ml of boiled water with the temperature 37-38°C or the liquid rennet directly to the milk. Mix thoroughly. Wait for about 50-70 min. until a homogeneous curd is produced. After this period cut the curd into cubes with sides of 1 - 1.5cm. 6. Leave the grain for 10 min. stir gently and leave for another 10 min. 7. Next pour out about 10 - 20% of whey. Replace the removed whey with the same amount of water with the temperature of 30°C, stirring gently all the time. 8. Then carefully and slowly heat the grain up to the temperature of 48 - 53°C, mixing it all the time. 9. Wait for 15-20 min. until the cheese drops off and drain the whole whey. 10. Knead the cheese softly with hands. 11. Next, place it into a cheese-making cloth and/or a cheese-making mold, insert it into a cheese press and leave for pressing for 12 - 16 hours at room temperature. 12. After that time remove the cheese from the mold or clooth and put it into brine (1.5 L water at a temperature 5 -15°C plus 5 spoonfuls of salt) and leave for 2 - 3 days. You can also rub the cheese with salt on all sides. 13. Then, take the cheese out of brine, put on a paper towel and a plate or a cheese mat. Leave to drain and dry for 2 - 3 days at a room temperature. Turn the cheese twice a day for the even effect. After that store the cheese in a fridge. 14. The cheese can be covered with paraffin, using a cheesemaking brush.

Storage: Store in a temp. 2-8°C. Once opened, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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