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The beauty of home-made cheese consists not only in the self-made of this product. The cheeseboard should contain varied flavors and shapes. Discover ways to create a delicious delicacy.


The finished product can be cut according to your own idea. Portions of ripening cheeses of various shapes and sizes can sometimes be a challenge. Which is why you should think about the shape of the cheese during its preparation.


How to slice cheese?

Cutting cheese depends on its original shape. With round cheeses, it's like a cake. They should be cut into pyramids or rectangles. It is different in case of long cheese, which slices should be about a centimeter thick. Roquefort and Emmentaler cheese are served in large slices cut into smaller triangles, because they should be arranged alternately. However, small cheeses are enough to cut into halves or quarters, if they are intended as an appetizer.



One of the most important issues to keep in mind is the fact that the cheese ripens unevenly. This is done from outside to inside; hard near the skin and soft in the center. The consistency shows how much the cheese is ripe. Soft cheese with white mold, such as camembert or brie, as well as the most aromatic cheese, become more liquid at the time of ripening.


Hard cheeses become darker as time passes. The longer this process lasts, the harder the cheese is and crumbles easier. The direction of ripening is the same - from the skin to the center of the cheese. Containing bacteria and air-permeable skin has a key effect on ripening. Serve the cheese so that each part that has been cut contains both a piece of the center and a piece of skin.


Different shapes of cheese

Time for a portion of knowledge about forming cheese to give it a final shape and get rid of excess whey. As a result of the action of lactic acid bacteria lactose turns into lactic acid and lowers pH. This cheese is much easier to keep clean. Cheeses that do not have a smooth surface can be problematic, as undesirable molds develop more easily in the hollows.


How to recognize a particular type of cheese? Most have a cylindrical shape. Dutch products are small, narrow and thick; alpine - they are flat and have a large diameter. English cheeses are easy to recognize. Why? The shape of the cheese resembles the high hats that British gentlemen wore. Each type has a characteristic size, and hence - proportions of ingredients.



Types of cheese forms

  • Cheese molds without covers

Mainly designed for acidic and acid-rennet cheese, fresh cheese, and soft cheeses. The forms can be quadrangular or even hexagonal. In most forms of this type, it is not necessary to use cheese wrapping. Designed for cheeses such as Chabichou, Camembert, Brie or Taleggio.


  • Cheese forms with ironing covers

Due to the small number of holes, in this type of forms, it is necessary to use a cheese wrap to effectively drain off the whey. The forms are suitable for ripening, semi-hard and hard rennet cheeses. They come in all sizes and proportions. It's mainly about the height-to-diameter ratio. In the middle, the edges can be sharp or rounded.


  • Kadova cheese forms

Intended for the production of semi-hard and hard cheeses. They consist of three parts: a proper form, a cover and a net. These are very interesting forms in which, thanks to the net, there is no need to use a cheese wrapping.


An important stage in the process of forming cheese is pressing. Choose the right form and type of pressing for the particular cheese. Most people who are starting their adventure with cheese-making overdo the burden. The size and time of process depend mainly on the size of the cheese. Press is also used to give the cheese a compact structure.


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