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Cheese Making

Cheese Making

Gouda-type Cheese for 1 kg

Ingredients: 10 L fresh or pasteurized milk (not UHT), 1g Gouda bacteria culture, 2-3g calcium chloride, 1g dry microbiological rennet or 10 drops of liquid rennet.... 19.03.2019.
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How to make 1kg Feta Cheese at home

Cheese ingredients: 10 - 10.5 L whole cow or sheep milk (not UHT), 1g Feta cheesemaking culture, 1g dry microbiological rennet or 10-11 drops of liquid rennet, 2-3g calcium chloride, 1.5 spoonful of salt.... 18.03.2019.
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How to make gouda cheese? Tips and tricks

French has brie and camembert. British people love cheddar, Italians eat a lot of mozzarellas. But one country is famous for the product with a very protected recipe. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go for a trip to the Netherlands, visit Gouda and let's eat… Gouda cheese....
Anonymous 22.02.2019.
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Rennet. Definition, types and application

Everybody knows where cheese comes from: smelly from France, Swiss cheese with holes or soft table cheese made in Italy. But which ingredient is most important in manufacturing? There are many different kinds of cheeses and there are many ways to make it. One of them is to produce with the support o...
Anonymous 14.02.2019.
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Rank of the world’s most popular cheeses

Cheese! - said photographer during the family meeting. And everyone in one moment thought about this delicious snack. Cheese is one the widely used food in the world - from France, across Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain to the USA. Each mentioned country has own culture of producing cheeses. W...
Anonymous 31.01.2019.
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Starter-cultures. Introducing to making milk products

Ritual of eating cheese is part of a culture process. And cheese is made from… culture, but in a different meaning. Here you find a couple pieces of information about bacteria and the first steps of making milk products. Did you ever hear the catchy name “L.casei” in yoghurt' commercial? Supposed...
Anonymous 28.01.2019.
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Homemade cheese. Basic kits and ingredients

Who don’t like cheese? It’s delicious and nourishing base of sandwich. Important ingredient of many cakes or just tasty snack. American authority of culinary art, Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher wrote in her book, that cheese has always been a food that both sophisticated and simple humans love. So, ...
Anonymous 25.01.2019.
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