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  • Bioferm Dried  Wine Yeast – Champ 7g

Bioferm Dried Wine Yeast – Champ 7g

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Active Wine Yeast.

Yeast that provides a neutral fermentation with a high sulphite resistance (up to 25-30 mg free SO2 per litre). Ensures a consistent and persistent fermentation. Also in case of stalled wines, re-fermentation and sparkling wines and for second fermentation in beers. Temperature range: 15-30 °C. Alcohol tolerance: up to 17 % vol. 

  • Dosage:  2 g/10 litres in normal conditions. 4 g/10 litres for other circumstances, e.g. secondary fermentation, difficult conditions.
  • Weight: 7g

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Reviews (3)

RobRoyec 21/11/2017

I chucked the whole sachet into my mead and its bubbling away nicely. I didn't rehydrate and there wasn't much foam which got me worried but it's definitely fermenting. these were cheap and quick to arrive. I will be ordering them again. mead is on its way

1 people found the review to be helpful.
mopi 21/11/2017

I purchased this product last year and decided to purchase a new sachet this year in the hope that I get a good wild peach harvest like I did last year. I had so many peaches that I could not give them away so I decided to make some wine. On looking through Amazon I came across the Home Brew & Wine Making - Champagne Yeast and thought I would experiment by using the champagne yeast with my peaches. I did so and tested the results after decanting on my husband. I did not tell him that I had used Champagne Yeast and after tasting he commented that it tasted a bit like champagne......BINGO! Good result eh? I fully recommend the product when using peaches. I have not as yet used it with white grapes. I decided to call my experiment with peaches PEACHAGNE! I hope this years results are as good as last years.

Julia 21/11/2017

Makes a great blackcurrent wine of high quality. I always get my home brew stuff from this company. Quick delivery.

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