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Beer Kit - Malt Extract

Cheapest prices for all beer kits. We have wide range of beer kits, for beers such a: pilsner lager, ale, bitter, india pale ale. Ingredients: malted barley, hops and beer yeast. Our brand world Beer Kits: Coopers, Brewferm, Muntos, Gozdawa, Brewmaker.

Better Brew Beer Kit - IPA

India Pale Ale was developed to withstand the long boat journey from England to India. It contains ..


Bulldog Beer Kit - Premium Bitter

Bulldog Beer Kit - Premium BitterWeight: 1.7kgColour:  25-30EBCBitterness:  35-40EBUAlcoho..


Coopers Brew Kit - Australian Bitter

A beer style which captures the characteristics of popular Australian bitters - light in colour, cl..


Coopers Brew Kit - English Bitter

Coopers English Bitter is a brown copper colour with red hues and a creamy head. It displays a plea..


Coopers Brew Kit - European Lager

Coopers European Lager captures the style of the finest quality lagers exported from Northern Europ..


Coopers Brew Kit - IPA

Early records of “Cooper and Sons” producing India Pale Ale can be found in the South Australian Ad..


Coopers Brew Kit - Irish Stout

A rich, dark brew displaying coffee, chocolate and licorice aromatics, roasty bitter notes with a d..


Coopers Brew Kit - Mexican Cerveza

Mexico is known for its arid lands, dusty conditions and oppressive heat. So it’s not surprising th..


Coopers Brew Kit - Pilsener

A pale straw coloured beer with a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. Crisp and dry with cleansing bitterne..


Coopers Brew Kit - Stout

Dark brown colour with a persistent head resembling espresso creamer, a blend of coffee, chocolate ..


Coopers Brew Kit - Traditional Draught

A quality beer using a hop/malt combination designed to convey the palate cleansing freshness of a ..


Coopers Brew Kit - Wheat Beer

Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer is made from premium malted wheat, pale malted barley and selected hops. W..


Coopers Brew Kit Heritage Lager

A perfect representaion of a premium lager with a rich yellow gold colour and a tightly packed, whi..


Home-Brew 100g for 10L Sub-bar

Home-Brew 100g for 10L + YeastRecipe:Mix the content of the package with 5-10l of water and boil. N..


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