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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Rum

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  • Brand: Alcotec
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  • Product Code: Distillers Strain RUM
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Single culture Rum yeast strain with glucoamylase.
  • Alcotec Rum Turbo Yeast contains both the yeast strain to best promote the fine flavours from your raw materials and the enzyme needed. For grain or molasses based recipes, we have added a GA (glucoamylase) enzyme which breaks down dextrins which are leftovers from the raw materials after fermentation. For grain based recipes, you also need to pre-treat the wash with Alcotec Alpha Amylase Enzyme.
  • Instruction for use: Prepare 21L (5.5 US Gal) of water at 35°C (95°F). Add 2kg (4.4 lbs) molasses and 4.5kg (9.9 lbs) sugar, mix untilcompletely dissolved. Add sachet contents, let ferment 7 days. Ambient temperature ideally 22-28°C (71-82°F), max 35°C (95°F). Using molasses will result in heavy foaming, cover loosely, don't use airlock. Ingridients: Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, Enzyme, Vitamins.
  • Net Weight: 73g

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Reviews (4)

Marc 11/06/2021

Très bon produit fonctionne très bien taux d’alcool moyen dans le mou 14° avec 7 kilos de sucre de Cannes (moitié cassonade de Cannes l’autre moitié sucre de canne blond). clarification complète au bout de deux semaines. Distiller aux alentours des 95° on obtient des bons arômes.

Santo modaffsri 07/08/2020

Un grande lievito fermenta bene

Santo modaffsri 07/08/2020

È un buon lievito

RUEDA  29/04/2020

Bon produit, livraison rapide

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