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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Express 24 Pure

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Alcotec 24h Vodka Yeast will ferment a normal sugar/water wash up to 14% alcohol in 24 hours under normal circumstances. The fermentation looks like nothing you have ever seen before, it is more of an explosion, which is why we recommend not to use an airlock (in case something obstructs it).
  • Temperature range: It is critical that you keep the stated temperature range, best with ambient temperature around 25 C. It is actually the liquid temperature that counts, if you can control it, aim for 25C constant to get the best result.
  • How to use: First add 21L of water to your fermenter. Then add 6kg of sugar and mix well until completely dissolved. Finally mix in the contents of this sachet. Leave to ferment in 20-30°C, best is 25°C. Ready in 24 hours! Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Net weight: 205g

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Reviews (5)

Tim 23/05/2022

Fantastic product

Brenon 23/05/2022

Be careful they are quick (quicker than you think)

Ahotha 21/08/2020

Great service. Fast Shipping. Excellent fresh yeast

Arnoux 19/04/2018

Bon produit

Ian G. 10/11/2017

I have made homemade wines for many years now and have recently moved into distilling for my own leisure and for the fun of it. I have used this Alcotec turbo yeast only once so far, but with good results although I brewed it for a lot longer than 24 hours.
I agree with reviews on the US amazon that I would not use this for wine making it contains nutrients that otherwise would not be needed in normal wine making. Also wine making by its very nature should be a slow process to get best out of your ingredients so I would stick to the usual wine makers yeast and go slow.
Now for distilling. As I said I have used this only once before so I intend to give it a proper trial and record the results for you here. I am going to use it to make a sugar wash for distilling in a column reflux still, this type of still is used to produce alcohol at a very high almost pure form, stripped of taste and colour and can produce a product that is crystal clear and upward of 90% pure. (you cannot drink this it would kill you).
The alcohol produced this way can then be diluted down to a safer level and mixed with essences to produce drinkable, finished products.
So today 25/03/16 I have begun my test by dissolving 6kg of granulated sugar in 23 litres of water in a 5 gallon wine fermenter. Then I have added the sachet of Alcotec 24, temperature is 22 degrees C.
I shall up date over the next 7 days.
Update 1 within the hour airlock bubbling about 8 glops per minute, it says not to use an airlock on the packet but because I have a lot of space above the surface of the liquid I have used one - keeps wine flies out. So already a 1" thick bubble layer and vigorous fermentation.
Update 2 It is now 48 hours since adding the yeast sachet and fermentation is still just as vigorous as it was yesterday so there must still be sugar to convert or it would have stopped, whether it is at 14% by now I do not know but I shall wait for it to stop fermenting before going any further.
Update3 it is now 31/3/2016 Airlock is still blooping at about 14 per minute so fermentation still very active so am going to wait until it slows or stops. Fermentation may well be at 14% but its continued fermenting means there is still sugar to be converted so the test goes on.
Update 4 04/04/2016 finally the bubbles have stopped no activity at all so shall now distil as soon as possible and report back the out come.
UPDATE AND CONCLUSION: 30/05/02016 I have finally had the time to distil the wash from the above experiment it has sat in its fermenter bottle, in active since the 04/04/2016 update so we can assume no further fermentation has taken place over the past month all that has happened is that the liquid has cleared down and has a sediment. This is great because the liquid can be siphoned off into the still with the sediment left behind. Well I distilled the 21 ltrs of wash and the result was 3.1ltrs of alcohol at 92.5% pure (using alcohol hydrometer) this included 250ml heads taken off at the start. so useable yield was 2.850 ltrs.
Taken as a whole then 3.1 ltrs from 21ltrs is just under 15% of the total starting volume of liquid.
So the Turbo yeast did give above the expected yield at just under 15% @ 92.5%pure.
I am not going to be pedantic and work out the 6.5% difference it is not really relevant.
So in conclusion this yeast does what it says on the packet only in reality it takes much longer than 24 hours, you will find in the brewing and distilling hobby world nothing that will. However sugar on its own has very few nutrients for normal yeast, so the fact that this Turbo yeast does contain the nutrients necessary to ferment sugar alone and that it does reach its target of 14% makes it a very useful product for anyone looking to do a bit of home distilling.
Bare in mind different stills produce differing results, I use a 1 meter electric column reflux still which is pretty efficient (when it doesn`t leak).
I distil purely for fun and my own enjoyment and consumption and not for sale.
Please - note that alcohol at this purity is highly inflammable and should be treated with care and not drunk unless heavily diluted. Use only glass or stainless steel containers not plastic.
I hope this review will be of use to other hobbyists out there. This is the end of my review

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