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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Classic T3

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  • Brand: Alcotec
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  • Product Code: Spirit Yeast Classic T3
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Alcotec Classic T3 Vodka Yeast is a very robust turbo yeast, always delivering its 14% alcohol in 3 days. Unless of course you decided to add more sugar (see instruction), in which case you can get 18% in 5 days instead.
  • For istruction How to Use Turbo Yeast Classic T3 - Please see Picture
  • Net Weight: 120g

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Reviews (3)

Thao 15/11/2017

Just the product I was looking for! I looked on a few sites and this was the most affordable option.
It came earlier than on time as well!
Much appreciation!

John 15/11/2017

I'm a big fan of this but wanted to pass along some lessons learned. First off, you can safely ignore the times the manufacturer gives. Yes, you CAN start using the wash very quickly but you will be happier with the result if wait. I've found that a good week is needed for fermentation to complete, and this is in a 25 degree room. Secondly, because you will of course be using the clearing agent, you want to give that a few days to settle. I know the package says 24 hours, I highly recommend you wait at least three days. All in all it's a great product and I've been using it regularly for a few years now. The best trick I've found is to run the wash through a Brita pitcher before doing anything else with it but that's just my experience.

1 people found the review to be helpful.
Twin 15/11/2017

Go too yeast. Reliable, a good general purpose high ABV yeast, creates better tastes when the fermentation temp is controlled to 69-71 degrees f.

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