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Alcohol Distiller - Distiller and pressure cooker 2in1 12L

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Alcohol Distiller - Distiller and pressure cooker 2in1 12L

Heat source: electric, induction, ceramic, gas, spiral.

  • High quality, brand new product is fabricated from stainless steel
  • This multifunctional equipment can be used for: distilling moonshine, fruit wine, water.
  • Volume 12 liter with analog thermometer.
  • DESCRIPTION:  Pot, Working vent, Crossbar,  Lid handle, Safety vent, Lid, Seal, Metal handles


Only adults are allowed to use the device. Do not leave a working device unattended. Make sure the place of storing the device is properly secured against the access of children or any unauthorized users. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of using the device against its intended purpose or against its instructions for use. The manufacturer hereby reserves the right to modify the product at any time without the need to inform the user, in order to comply with pertinent regulations, standards, directives or for structural, commercial, esthetic or other reasons.





The manual contains vital information about the product and its operation. make sure to read it and keep it for future reference.

An appliance combining the functions of a distiller and pressure cooker, 12 l in capacity. Due to the condenser included in the set, it will perform superbly at distilling water and other chemical compounds. It can also be used as a regular pressure cooker, useful in every home kitchen.

Made of stainless steel. The set includes a digital piercing thermometer, enabling easy temperature measurement of liquids. The device is intended for domestic use.


The set includes:

- pressure cooker (container),

- distilling apparatus (settler and condenser),

- professional thermometer,

- water inlet and outlet connecting hose,

- connector compatible with household taps.

Pressure cooker is a hermetically sealed pot in which the pressure rises while cooking meals. This causes an increase in water boiling temperature, and acceleration to the cooking process.

The bottom of the vessel instantly absorbs the slightest amount of energy, which gets distributed evenly onto the entire bottom’s surface. Such optimisation of the cooking process allows to save time and energy, and preserve a greater amount of healthy ingredients in meals.


It’s designed for use with gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves.

✓ High quality stainless steel.

✓ Operating pressure: 0.55 bar.

✓ Main valve release pressure: 0.55 bar.

✓ Safety valve release pressure: 1.1 bar.

✓ Filling: maximum ⅔ for foods and liquids that do not increase in volume, maximum ½ for foods and liquids that increase in volume.

✓ Minimum acceptable filling: 0.5 L, for distillation 2 L.

Distilling apparatus:

- settler,

- condenser,

- serpentine 8 mm in diameter and 2 m in length,

- connector for tap.


Professional food thermometer: digital piercing thermometer, fitted with LCD display and probe:

✓ Stainless steel probe 140mm in length.

✓ Temperature range: from -50°C to +300°C (-58°F to 572°F).

✓ Tolerance: +/-1°C. ✓ Accuracy: 0.1°C.

✓ °C/°F button - for turning on the thermometer or for switching temperature units between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

✓ ON/OFF button.

✓ HOLD button (holds the measurement indication on the display).

✓ MAX/MIN button (displays maximum and minimum stored measurement results).

✓ Batteries: 1 x LR44 (included).




  • Screw on the condenser with the settler to the pressure cooker lid – in the safety valve spot (1). Take care not to perform this action by force, as screwing the condenser on too tightly may damage the thread.
  • Connect the condenser to a cold water source in counterflow to the received distillate – lower aperture (2).
  • Water outlet – upper aperture (3).
  • Place the thermometer in the nest located in the upper part of the settler (4).




  • After assembling the set, before first use, pour approx. 2 litres of water with vinegar into the pressure cooker and distil it to sterilise the set.
  • Pour a 10-litre wash into the empty pressure cooker and heat it on the cooker. Heating time using an induction cooker is approx. 30 minutes.
  • After reaching approx. 80°C, the water-cooled condenser starts to condense the distillate.
  • CAUTION!!! The initial 70 ml are so-called fusel alcohols that need to be drained away, because these are the most volatile substances that may spoil the flavour of the distillate.
  • After completion of the distillation, the liquid from the settler must be drained.
  • Proper distillation time is approx. 1 hour per 1 litre of the distillate.




1. vessel

2. main valve

3. crossbar

4. lid handle

5. safety valve

6. lid

7. gasket (under the upper ledge of the vessel)

8. handle



Before first use, thoroughly clean the pot with washing-up liquid and dry it. Do not use the so-called scourers or cleaning powders.

Before every use, the main valve and the security valve must be inspected.

Set the main valve handle in a horizontal position and press down several times. The handle should return easily to the horizontal position.

The security valve should be pulled upwards several times. The valve should return easily to its initial position.

Maximum acceptable filling:


  • 1/2 of the vessel capacity for foods that expand during cooking;
  • 2/3 of the vessel capacity for foods that do not change in volume during cooking.







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