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Wine Alcoholmeters Hydrometers

A hydrometer - Densimeters This is a simple instrument that measures the density of a liquid (known as specific gravity) compared to that of water. When beer, wine or mash ferments, yeast converts the sugars in the brew to alcohol. So by measuring the sugar content of a just-mixed, unfermented batch of  beer, wine, mash you can calculate its potential alcohol content. Two types of hydrometers for Cider, Mead, Beer, Wine: 1) For the liquid with sugar -  also know as a Hydrometer, Beermeter, Winemeter, Vino meter, Saccharometer, Saccharimeter, Densimeters, Refractometers, mustmeter, Extract meter  2) For the liquid without sugar - Hydrometer, Alcohol Measuring Meter,  Alcoholometer, Measuring Instruments, Alcohol Meter with Thermometer, Vinometer, Capillary wine meter.

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