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  • Wine Yeast Bayanus - All Purpose

Wine Yeast Bayanus - All Purpose

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Wine Yeast Bayanus – All Purpose

Wine Yeast Bayanus - All Purpose should be chosen by those of winemakers who specialize in the production of high alcohol wines as it has been composed of the Saccharomyces Bayanus G995 type of wine yeast. The product ferments consistently, even at lower temperatures, with low residual sugar. That is why it gives very good results when making Pinot Gris and Chardonnay wines. The complex is also ideal for secondary fermentation, for sparkling wines or in the case you need to restart a stopped fermentation. 

Wine Yeast Bayanus complex acts well for the following kinds of wine: all-purpose red, all-purpose white, Bordeaux White, Bordeaux Red, Burgundy Red, Tokay, Sherry, Malaga, Champagne, and Cider dry. It can be characterized as having wide temperature range: 10-30 °C and alcohol tolerance of 18 % vol.  Each package contains the 'killer' factor to inhibit wild yeasts.

To use the sachet, you need to add its content to around 100ml of warm water (approx. 30°C) containing 1/2 tsp of sugar and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Stir if required.

Each package includes 10g of yeast and is sufficient for 50L (10 gallons). 

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