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  • Wine Yeast - All Purpose Complex

Wine Yeast - All Purpose Complex

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Wine Yeast- All Purpose Complex

The art of vinification is all about very high quality ingredients. No wonder winemakers all round the world try to prepare their home-made wines from the best fruit juice and yeast. However, one simple mistake can spoil the effect. That is why we advise to count on proven products only. Just like this Wine Yeast - All Purpose Complex.

Each package includes up to 40g of a mixture containing yeast, nutrients and enzymes ready to transform juice into wine.  It is perfect for every wine type produced at home, thus, it can be used by experienced and amateur winemakers. Each fermentation sachet is appropriate for the production of 25 to 50L of any wine. 

The complex includes Saccharomyces Cerevisiae wine yeast, suitably chosen  nutrition, B group vitamins and pectolytic enzymes. Its alcohol tolerance varies between 15 and 16%. The optimal fermentation temperature is 20-25°C. 

How to use it? You need to add the entire content of the sachet directly into the wort wine at 25-30°C. No prior preparation is required. The yeast has properties  of killer factor and improve the aromaticity and intensity of fruit wines.

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