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Wine Thief - Sampler - Test Jar

  • £13.90

  • It is a test jar for your hydrometer and pipette all in one
  • It enables you to easily take samples from your fermenter, demijohn or barrel.
  • The chamber allows you to also take hydrometer readings directly in the wine thief, eliminating the need to transfer the sample to a test jar. Simply place the hydrometer in the chamber then insert the thief in your wine or beer and remove the sample. The hydrometer will float freely
  • Made from crystal clear plastic giving you the possibility to evaluate the colour/ clarity and to read your hydrometer. 
  • Simply touch the bottom of the wine thief on the side of your fermenter to release the liquid back.
  • Hight: 50 cm
  • fi Ø: 2,5 cm
  • Hydrometer is not included

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