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  • Vodka Yeast - Turbo Fruit

Vodka Yeast - Turbo Fruit

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  • Vodka-Yeast Turbo Fruit
  • This turbo yeast can handle fruit fermentation, something most other turbo's can't do (well). The Turbo Fruit  actually excels in this and prouces very clean spirit from most fruit recipes.
  • Active yeast Turbo FRUIT, specially selected and highly alcoholizing. The kit includes a dose of enzymes to facilitate the fermentation of fruit. Package for 25 liters of fruit mixture. Optimum fermentation temperature 20-27°C, at 25°C - the fermentation time 4-6days. Please note that the temperature of the mixture should not exceed 35°C. Instructions: add the yeast directly to the mixture at a temperature of about 30°C, then mix thoroughly Composition: Bayanus Saccharomyces yeast strain, medium, vitamins and microelements and enzymes.
  • Sufficient For 25 Litre / 5 Gallons | Fermentation time 4-6days | High alcohol up to 21%
  • Net weight: 40g

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