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Vinometer - Alcoholmeter for Wine

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  • Brand: Alcofermbrew
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  • Product Code: Capillary Winemeter
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  • Vinometer for measuring the percentage of alcohol in your wine and mash. By using a vinometer you can determine how much alcohol your wine contains on the basis of the viscosity. Just fill the thin tube over the funnel with wine and turn the whole thing upside down. Due to the amount of wine remaining in the tube you can read the alcohol content on the scale.  
  • Most accurate when testing dry wines where very little residual sugar is present. The sweeter the wine the less accurate the vinometer becomes.
  • Vinometer can only accurately measure the alcohol content in wine and fermented, filtered mash. You need an alcoholmeter for measuring spirits, and an Saccharimeter for determining the sugar content of your mash.
  • Length: 13 cm
  • Scale: 0 to 25%

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