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  • Vegetable Liquid Rennet 100ml

Vegetable Liquid Rennet 100ml

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  • VEGETABLE LIQUID RENNET 100ml  – Produced by the extraction of Cynara Cardunculus pistols and other macerated, filterated and concentrated vegetable coaugulants in order to obtain a liquid particularly suitable for milk cougarization. Like traditional Galium rennet, the casein Kappa decomposes into milk-containing casein micelles. Cougarization occurs because plant enzymes are able to modify the proteolytic colloid by allowing the flocculation of other protein components of the casein. Coagulant activity 1/6,000 so each one takes on average 30 g of Galium to curd 20/25 liters of milk (4 large spoons). Practical tests carried out with the help of the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Piacenza tested a high quality cheeses and a yield of product equal to the ones carried out with animal rennet. Preserved at a temperature of + 4 ° C, does not undergo significant downtime until the expiration date.

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