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Turbo Yeast XXL + SuperKlar 24h

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  • Active Yeast XXL - Turbo Yeast  is a mix of dry wine yeast and nutrition. The particular strain used is chosen for its ability to produce alcohol and the nutrients are optimised for providing exactly the right combination of nitrogen, vitamins and trace minerals which the yeast needs in the different stages of alcohol fermentation. Instructions: Dissolve the desired amount of sugar in a 25L warm water, pour into a fermenter and fill with cold water to a volume (all according to the attached table). Pour the appropriate amount of sachets of yeast to the mixture of a temperature of 22-25°C and mix well. Optimum fermentation temperature according to the table, fermentation time: 2-4 days. Watch so that the fermentation temperature does not exceed 35°C. Composition: yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace elements. Net weight: 75g
  • Fining Agent Super Klar – Spirit Ferm.  It removes the solids and semi-soluble compounds which can cause problems later. Enological Product. Stir gently your fermentation tank to remove CO2 from the wine / mash. Add sachet A and stir carefully. After 2 hours add sachet B and stir again. Leave for 24 hours to clear. Net weight: 45g

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