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Turbo Yeast T3 + SuperKlar 24h

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  • Brand: Spirit Ferm
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  • Product Code: Spirit Ferm Vodka Yeast + Fining Agent Super Klar
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  • Vodka-Yeast T3 are manufactured in Scandinavia. At an affordable price – we guarantee continuous operation and complete attenuation of sugar. The resulting product has a mild taste and pleasant aroma. Composition: yeast, nutrient, vitamins and microelements.  Extreme Efficiency: 125g - 5kg sugar - 1day -13% | 125g - 6kg sugar - 2days -15% | 125g - 7kg sugar - 3days -17% Net weight: 125g
  • Fining Agent Super Klar – Spirit Ferm.  It removes the solids and semi-soluble compounds which can cause problems later. Enological Product. Stir gently your fermentation tank to remove CO2 from the wine / mash. Add sachet A and stir carefully. After 2 hours add sachet B and stir again. Leave for 24 hours to clear. Net weight: 45g

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