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  • Stracchino 10g - Cheese Culture

Stracchino 10g - Cheese Culture

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  • Stracchino 10g
  • Recipe: Pasteurize whole milk at 72° C. When the milk drops to a temperature of 39° C add the culture and leave to incubate for 20 minutes. If desired you can add fine salt (about 500 per 100 l of milk); Stir for a couple of minutes and, at a coagulation temperature of 37° C, add the rennet (for this kind of cheese the precor white calf rhizome is recommended). The curd should be ready after 18/20 minutes. Cut this curd with the curd cutter so as to divide it into slices and then into cubes by acting with great delicacy and let it rest for 20 minutes. Shake this curd without breaking it for about 5 minutes and gently lay the dough in square or rectangular molds, keep them at a temperature of 35° C. The first turn after 10 minutes, keep the Stracchino always warm. Second turn after 45 minutes. After a couple of hours turn again and, at pH 5.40, put the cheese in the cell at a temperature of 5° C with a humidity of 90%. The next day turn the cheese, after 6 days of ripening wrap the cheese in the paper.In doing so, you get a great Stracchino. If you prefer to make salting in brine, do not add salt to the milk but immerse the Stracchino in brine 18% NaCl for about 2 hours.

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